Top Soil

BS 3882 Multi Purpose Grade B Soil

A top grade fine natural soil perfect for all landscaping and gardening flower beds vegetable gardens, planters hanging baskets. New turfs and growing from seed

BS Certified BS3882-2015 Grade A Soil

Enriched with a 50/50 fine sand and 10mm compost improver to create a soil which can be used for planting, turfing, flower beds, large planters and borders etc Would also suit larger landscaping projects like allotments.


BS Certified Playground Pine Ornamental Bark

A BS certified decorative bark. Suitable uses are garden beds, planting tubs and flower pots. Also, for decorative use with areas needing a high visual impact.

Particle sizes range from 18-35mm with durability to last 3-5 years this can be used for large playground projects as it is fire safety certified and tested for critical height fall if covered to a depth of 100mm or more.

This product is sourced in the UK and contains less than 5% wood.

Landscape Bark

This is a mixed bark product and contains a maximum of 20% white wood. It can be used for all professional and domestic landscaping projects.

Particle sizes range from 40-60mm and it is fire safety certified.

It has a durability of between 2-4 years and should be laid with a depth of 100mm or more

10mm Compost Soil Improver

A soil improver consisting of a compost that can enrich soil with nutrients and improve drainage for all types of gardening needs

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